Bernfried HoweSince over 10 years now Web Content Management has driven my work. I started in 1999 at Bertelsmann building an e-commerce shop system combined with a RedDot Web Content Management. In 2001 I began to work for RedDot Solutions in Product Management and brought a new product called LiveServer (aka Delivery Server) to the WCM market. We built a personalization and integration server which enabled companies to create highly integrated, personalized websites, intranets and extranets. During 8 years in Product Management lots of customer requirements have been transferred into Delivery Server features and it was great to see Delivery Server growing in Germany and later on world-wide. Many Top 500 companies have decided to realize their content management strategy based on RedDot’s products.

Today RedDot and their products are part of Open Text (OT) and named Open Text Web Site Management (OT WSM) and I moved back from the Product Management site to the project implementation site. During the last 2 years I have realized Intranets, Internets and Extranets together with Open Text partners as a WCM expert specialized on Open Text’s WSM Delivery Server. It was a great experience to use all the features I formerly designed as Product Manager, but I also noticed that not everything is perfect.

For sure, building websites – independent of the underlying product – is always about knowing the core concept of the WCM solution. But it is also about knowing the best-practices, work-arounds and the possibilities to extend the software in order to meet the customer requirements in a sustainable way. My most important objective always is to create solutions which are clear, efficient and maintainable. Everything should be structured, understandable and easily extendable for future requirements.

I will use this blog to share with you my experiences I have made during the last years. I will talk about the possibilities you have using OT WSM Delivery Server. This blog will cover business aspects as well as technical aspects and I hope it will help you with your OT WSM projects.

Bernfried Howe

Webertise Consulting GmbH