Category: XML / XSL(T)

With this post I’d like to start a collection of articles about an custom module I always wanted to see in Delivery Server as a standard feature. A feature which should ease the development of web applications using XML (DynaMents) and XSL(T) for the presentation layer, Java (Open API and more) as implementation language for the business layer, and the Delivery Server Content Repository as well as relational Databases as the data layer. Nearly 10 years ago a first attempt was made called the “Application Framework Module”, but it never reached a level of productivity that customers started to use it. I thought it’s time for a second try. Continue reading

One of my favorite topics is to establish a standard structure in OT WSM Delivery Server (aka WSM DS) for modules. But what is a “module”? From a business point of view it is an piece of functionality which solves a certain requirement e.g. a basket for a shopping area or the “my profile” functionality of an intranet. From a technical point of view it is a set of actions and views, which are encapsulated by an central piece of logic. Continue reading